What’s the value of 140 characters?.. Millions of Dollars..


We at inXite Marketing, provide insights about the business potential behind the 140 characters tweets. We provide tailored business solutions to understand your customers and increase your business.

InXite is a powerful tool that is capable of continuously capturing content streams and information from social media platforms. Simultaneously, InXite builds an extensive profile of a user and his/her friends that can be categorized, analyzed and manipulated and then used for various purposes. For instance, marketing professionals can obtain the location, movement, chatter, sentiment, preferences and topics of interest of a user and his/her friends for targeted advertising. In the same way security officials and professionals can utilize similar data to help them follow possible threats.

InXite is based on the patented location-revealing Tweethood algorithm as well as a patent-pending algorithm called System & Methods for Data Analytics for Marketing. Both the technologies are developed by the Cyber Security Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Our Solutions

Get Insights about your business

Dash-board helps to discover the overall statistic of a product in a graphical format. This includes number of positive sentiments, number of negative sentiments, popularity of a product, popularity of their peers, average number of tweets in a week & average number of tweets in a month. More

Targeting Customers

Focused on what business one should start to succeed in a particular locality. Identify business opportunities in a particular locality using trending and recommendation features. Register and explore an opportunity to start any business in a particular locality.

Get Recommendations

InXite offers customization and Configuration. All the results & graphs can be tuned to user interests. We build the user profile for each user and consequently identify the interests. User Profile also helps to understand the user demographics which includes the locality and other details about the person.

Our Team


Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham

Cybersecurity (30+ years)


Dr. T

Technology Commercialization (10+ years)


Dr. Latifur Khan

Data Mining and Machine Learning (17+ years)


Satyen Abrol

Social Computing and Geospatial Data Mining (4+ years)


Nate McDaniel

Data Mining (3+ years)


Vaibhav Khadilkar

Cloud Computing and Semantic Web (5+ years)

Our Location


Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, TX – 75080




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